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order-deletion » unknown-order

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Feature: Core / Order Deletion Endpoint (Implemented)

Test: Expect a UnknownOrderError for an Order that does not exist

Runs Order Deletion for a non-existent Order (with a fictional UUID), expecting an UnknownOrderError error to be returned

Running only this test

npm start -- --runInBand test/features/core/order-deletion/implemented/unknown-order-test.js

✅ 1 passed with 0 failures, 0 warnings and 0 suggestions

Order Deletion

delete-order Request

DELETE https://localhost:5001/api/openbooking/orders/35be2f1e-99b7-4d25-b9db-625e084169c4

Response status code: 404 Not Found. Responded in 122.749694ms.

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "UnknownOrderError",
  "name": "The Booking System has no 'Order' matching the one requested.",
  "statusCode": 404