Facility Attribute List

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This list is in a draft state, however every effort will be made in subsequent revisions to maintain the IDs associated with the concepts enumerated here.


This repository holds the JSON-LD definition of the OpenActive Facility Attribute List controlled vocabulary.

This controlled vocabulary MUST be referenced within a Concept via inScheme using the URL "https://openactive.io/facility-attribute-list" (which will return the JSON-LD definition if the Accept header contains application/ld+json).

This controlled vocabulary SHOULD be retrieved frequently using an HTTP GET and cached within an application, to ensure that the most up-to-date version is displayed to the user, while also protecting against network failure when accessing the underlying resource. To access this controlled vocabulary the application MUST GET the URL "https://openactive.io/facility-attribute-list/facility-attribute-list.jsonld" (note there is no www in the URL) which does not require a specific Accept header, and is cached via CDN. The controlled vocabulary is also available via a GET of the URL "https://openactive.io/facility-attribute-list" using an Accept header of application/ld+json, for completeness, however this shorter URL MUST NOT be used in production.

Please raise requests for content or issues related to this controlled vocabulary via GitHub.

Example use

The example below illustrates an "beta:facilityAttribute" property for an FacilityUse that has the attribute “Concrete”.

"beta:facilityAttribute": [
    "type": "Concept",
    "id": "https://openactive.io/facility-attribute-list#8c4ba90c-2ceb-4a38-aeba-1875da03c227",
    "prefLabel": "Concrete",
    "inScheme": "https://openactive.io/facility-attribute-list"

Source data

Please see the spreadsheet used to generate the JSON-LD representation, comments welcome!


The documentation and data in this repository is published under the Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 license.