Beta OpenActive Namespace Vocabulary Terms

This is the beta namespace for the OpenActive Vocabulary, as defined in the Modelling Opportunity Data Specification.

This namespace can be used by publishers experimenting with new properties that are likely to be added to the core specification.

It is defined as a convenience to help document properties that are in active testing and review by the community. Publishers should not assume that properties in the beta namespace will either be added to the core specification or be included in the namespace over the long term.

This namespace MUST be referenced using the URL "https://openactive.io/ns-beta" (which will return the JSON-LD definition if the Accept header contains application/ld+json), and is designed to be used in conjunction with the "https://openactive.io/" namespace.

Note that properties listed here must have associated proposals in one of the specification repositories. To suggest a new property, please file a proposal here.

Example use

  "@context": [
  "@type": "SessionSeries",
  "name": "Tai chi Class",
  "description": "You need to be strong to attend.",
  "beta:formattedDescription": "You need to be <b>strong</b> to attend.",
  "url": "http://www.example.org/events/1",
  "location": {
    "@type": "Place",
    "name": "ExampleCo Gym Kingswood",
    "address": {
      "@type": "PostalAddress",
      "streetAddress": "1 High Street",
      "addressLocality": "Kingswood",
      "addressRegion": "South Gloucestershire",
      "postalCode": "BS1 4SD",
      "addressCountry": "GB"



(Class) Property Expected Type Proposal Description
schema:Text #120 Token indicating the Broker’s authorisation to book on behalf of a Customer.
(beta:CertificationScheme, beta:TrustCertification)
beta:CertificationLevel #217 Property containing an array of CertificationLevels
schema:URL #217 From within a CertificationScheme, points to other CertificationSchemes considered valid and trusted in order to allow the creation of a trust network.
Array of skos:Concept #1 Attributes associated with the facility in use. See https://openactive.io/facility-attribute-list/.
Array of skos:Concept #1 [DEPRECATED: This term has graduated from the beta namespace, please use oa:facilityType instead.] The type of facility in use. See https://openactive.io/facility-types/.
(pending:Schedule, oa:PartialSchedule)
schema:Text #197 [DEPRECATED: This term has graduated from the beta namespace, please use schema:scheduleTimezone instead.] The time zone used to generate occurrences, same as iCal TZID. E.g. ‘Europe/London’.
schema:Text #130 Type of barcode, e.g. ‘Code39’
schema:Course #164 [DEPRECATED: This term has graduated from the beta namespace, please use oa:instanceOfCourse instead.] This course for which this is an offering.
schema:Place #227 The physical location affiliated with the virtual event, for example the original location of the event before it was moved online.
schema:Integer #274 For events that have an unlimited number of tickets, captures the number of attendees (actual attendance).
(schema:Event, oa:FacilityUse)
Array of beta:BookingChannelType #161 The channels through which a booking can be made.
schema:ContactPoint #113 Contact details for an Event, where they are not specifically related to the organizer or leader.
schema:QuantitativeValue #275 The distance of a run, cycle or other activity. Must also include units.
schema:URL #234 The URL of the webpage where the activity provider accepts donations.
schema:QuantitativeValue #201 A property that allows an Event duration to be represented as a range (e.g. 0-30mins, 30-60mins, 60-90mins, 90+).
(schema:Event, oa:FacilityUse)
beta:FacilitySettingType #1 Whether the event or facility is indoor or outdoor.
(schema:Event, schema:Place, schema:Organization, schema:Person, oa:FacilityUse, schema:Brand, schema:Course)
schema:Text #276 Sometimes a description is stored with formatting (e.g. href, bold, italics, embedded YouTube videos). This formatting can be useful for data consumers. This property must contain HTML.
schema:Boolean #232 A property that indicates whether the first session is free.
schema:Boolean #230 Indicates whether the virtual event is interactive (e.g. Zoom with participant microphones and cameras on), or is just a one-way broadcast (e.g. Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Zoom with participant microphones and cameras off).
schema:Boolean #301 A property that indicates whether the event contains a high frequency of occurrences. Intended as a UI hint for interfaces that represent these occurrences.
schema:Boolean #71 A property that indicates whether the event is led by a virtual coach. Only relevant if an event isCoached. If not provided is assumed to be false.
(schema:Event, oa:FacilityUse)
schema:Boolean #166 A property that details whether the event is suitable for wheelchair access. Placed on Event as this field could be used to detail whether the Event is suitable, as well as the Place.
(schema:Event, oa:FacilityUse)
schema:Duration #204 Duration before the event for which the associated Offers are valid
oa:RequiredStatusType #229 Indicates whether the participant must or may supply equipment for use in the Event.
schema:Integer #273 For events that have an unlimited number of tickets, captures the number of registrations (intention to attend).
(schema:Event, oa:Slot, oa:FacilityUse)
Array of schema:SportsActivityLocation #110 Internal location of the event, e.g. Court 1
(schema:Event, oa:FacilityUse, schema:Brand, schema:Organization, schema:Course, schema:Place)
Array of schema:VideoObject #88 A related video object.
pending:VirtualLocation #224 Describes a means of electronic access to a shared virtual space.
schema:QuantitativeValue #250 Number of people the reservation should accommodate.
(schema:Organization, schema:Person)
Array of schema:URL #236 An array of URLs, each of which describe the formal criteria that are met by the organizer.
Array of skos:Concept #1 The type of Place. See https://openactive.io/place-types/.
schema:Organization #307 The organization responsible for the operation of the Place.
Array of pending:3DModel #306 A related virtual tour.


Class subClasses Proposal Description
beta:BookingChannelType schema:Enumeration #161 An enumeration of booking channels that can exist.
beta:FacilitySettingType schema:Enumeration #1 An enumeration of settings in which a facility can exist.
beta:Bar schema:LocationFeatureSpecification #205 Bar is available
beta:Cafe schema:LocationFeatureSpecification #205 Cafe is available
beta:IndicativeOffer schema:Offer #207 An Offer that provides an indication of the available price, not an exact amount.
beta:AuthenticatedPerson schema:Person #120 Usable as both customer and attendee to indicate Persons who are authenticated to the Seller and granted access to the Broker to book on their behalf.
beta:CertificationLevel schema:Thing #217 Defines a trust certification.
beta:CertificationScheme schema:Thing #217 Defines a coherent list of certifications, optionally related to one or more activities.
beta:TrustCertification schema:Thing #217 Links activity-providing Organisations to their certifications.
beta:ConceptCollection skos:Collection, schema:CreativeWork #203 A SKOS Collection for use with SKOS ConceptScheme

Enumeration Values

Type Value Proposal Description
beta:BookingChannelType https://openactive.io/ns-beta#OnlineAdvanceBooking #161 Online booking in advance of the opportunity, without payment
beta:BookingChannelType https://openactive.io/ns-beta#OnlinePrepayment #161 Online booking in advance of the opportunity, with payment
beta:BookingChannelType https://openactive.io/ns-beta#TelephoneAdvanceBooking #161 Telephone booking in advance of the opportunity, without payment
beta:BookingChannelType https://openactive.io/ns-beta#TelephonePrepayment #161 Telephone booking in advance of the opportunity, with payment
beta:FacilitySettingType https://openactive.io/ns-beta#IndoorFacility #1 Facility is indoors
beta:FacilitySettingType https://openactive.io/ns-beta#OutdoorFacility #1 Facility is outdoors
oa:AvailableChannelType https://openactive.io/ns-beta#OpenBookingCustomerAuthentication #120 Bookings can be made via the Open Booking API using Customer Authentication.
schema:BusinessEntityType https://openactive.io/ns-beta#Member #80 When used as a value of eligableCustomerType within an Offer, indicates that the Offer is only available to members of the organizer / provider.