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How to Join

Please join the open chat on Slack using the steps below:

  1. Go to to get your invite to join the community
  2. We recommend downloading the Slack desktop and mobile apps.

Getting Started

There are many hidden and private channels on the open Slack for specific implementation sub-projects, which you are very welcome to join. On average about 500 slack messages are sent each week, and only 5% of those are in fully public channels. We encourage as much as possible to be communicated in public, where community members feel comfortable to do so, which we expect to happen more over time.

For the avoidance of doubt, all discussions relating specifically to standards and issues with published open data must be conducted in the open, ideally directly on GitHub and on the regular W3C calls as is usually the case, but otherwise on public Slack channels with a summary written up on GitHub afterwards. The open data infrustucture works best when everyone can be involved in building and maintaining it.

We recommend that you announce yourself to the group on #general and state your interests, so that we can involve you as much as possible.

Once on Slack, you’ll find the following channels interesting:

General chats: