OpenActive Programme Data Directory


Programmes are a great way for you to associate recognised brands with your activities. They appear alongside the activity listing, and do not replace the other fields that you are publishing. For example: for a specific “Back to Netball” regular session, you might have already included a photo of the regular group of attendees as part of the EventSeries or SessionSeries, so that the session feels approachable - as per the OpenActive recommendation. Adding an additional programme id and associated details will also link a description of “Back to Netball” as a wider intiative, and include the “Back to Netball” logo.

If your booking system supports programmes, try copying-and-pasting one of the IDs provided below into the “Programme ID” field in your system and clicking “Lookup” or similar.


A list of known sources of programme data

Programme Name Programme ID
Back to Netball
Les Mills Les Mills Class Directory
No Strings Badminton